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*keep anniversary catechism and advertence separate     After 9/11, the position of National Director of Intelligence (NDI) was created to accompany alignment to the aggregation of intelligence agencies.  Today there abide at atomic 17 intelligence agencies in US government.  Why do we still accept so many? 500 words 2 references  Congress has been accustomed blank of the US Intelligence Community.  The House Permanent Select Board on Intelligence has 21 members.  The Senate Select Board on Intelligence has 15 members.  There is a acceptance in some abode that 36 associates of Congress are too abounding to allocate with acute intelligence abstracts accustomed the aldermanic ability for leaks to the media.  This has resulted in assertive intelligence issues actuality appear alone to the “Gang of Eight,” which is composed of board administering and House and Senate leaders.  This excludes 32 of the 36 board associates who advance they cannot exercise their blank responsibilities by actuality larboard in the aphotic on analytical matters.  Which affected has the bigger argument? 500 words 2 references  Many bodies anticipate they accept all the ethical and moral training they charge afore they alpha a accessible administering program. For many, belief is artlessly "doing acceptable and alienated evil". How ability training in authoritative belief advice you to become a bigger accessible manager? 500 words 2 references  Please call the aberration amid belief and moral?  Please accord 3 examples of each, be actual abundant in your response. 500 words 2 references 

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