1-4-1 Short Answer: Evaluating Resources and Searching for Information

In this activity, you will appraise the after-effects of your library analysis and some websites for believability application the techniques and accoutrement covered in the Shapiro Library tutorial. First, analysis the Website Evaluation Template document. Follow the instructions in that certificate and complete the table application two of the six sites in the Shapiro Library tutorial. Note that your completed table will not charge to be submitted, but you will charge to ample it out to complete this activity. Then use the advice from your completed table to abode the following: 1 Report your array for your two called sites from the Shapiro Library website tutorial. Be abiding to accommodate hyperlinks to the specific accessories and sub-pages you advised in your work. 2 Which of your two called assets would you accede to be added valid? Explain your choice. Next, use the account adventure you called and the after-effects of your Shapiro Library analysis and acknowledge to the following:  1 Briefly abridge (in 1 to 2 sentences) the accustomed science affair featured in your called account story. 2 How would you go about award added advice on the affair that you chose? List at atomic two altered sources that you would accede reliable. 3 Briefly explain why you anticipate these are reliable sources of advice to advice you acquisition out added about your topic.  As you complete this assignment, accumulate in apperception that your answers to these questions or carefully accompanying questions will be allotment of your Project 1: Affair Exploration Graphic Organizer acquiescence at the end of this theme. It is recommended that, in accession to entering the answers to the questions below, you save your answers in a Word certificate that you can accredit to after back commutual Project 1.

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