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  reply to the students' acknowledgment and not the catechism  in 150 words minimum and accommodate 1 reference. Respond to the acceptance acknowledgment as admitting you are talking to them, use name  question   Are the three capital elements of advantage systems—internal consistency, bazaar competitiveness, and acquainted agent contributions—equally important, or do you accept that they alter in importance? If different, which do you accept is best important? Least important? Give your rationale.  students response   All of the elements of the advantage arrangement are appropriately important.  You appetite all of your advisers to feel that they are accidental to the alignment in the assignment they are doing.  This amount in the job motivates them to assignment harder for the organization.  When attractive at the bazaar for compensation, an alignment wants to ensure that they are able to absorb those bodies that they accept already invested in  (Martocchio, J. (2017) .  Another allotment is to ensure that we are acquainted the agent appropriately for the job they are accomplishing for the organization.  If they feel their contributions to the organization's success are not admired they will go about abroad area it is valued.  This will alpha a aeon of connected about-face and agitation in an organization.   After alive in organizations that didn't amount the knowledge, skills, and adeptness that it's advisers accompany to the table and alone attending at a anchored rank structure, this hits abutting to home.  Some of our enlisted militaries accept as abundant as or added apprenticeship than our admiral and they accept years of job experience.  When we don't amount what they accept to action the alignment we are affairs ourselves abbreviate and not capitalizing on our resources. Martocchio, J. (2017). Strategic Compensation: A animal ability administration access (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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