Answer anniversary questions thoroughly, accouterment affirmation to abutment your answer, demonstrating both abyss and animation of knowledge. A  couple book acknowledgment WILL NOT be sufficient.   1.Who was David Walker's audience? Explain your answer. 2. Discuss the quote: "Is not God a God of amends to all his creatures?" What is David Walker's purpose for such a statement? 3.Explain what David Walker's address (meaning claiming or call) is to the atramentous community. What about to the white community? 4. Discuss the byword "Pride, prejudice, avarice, and claret will be the ruin of this blessed republic ..." 5. Discuss the actual ambience in which David Walker's Appeal was written. 6. Discuss the quote: "Oh, how can those who are actuated by avidity alone but think, that our Creator fabricated us to be an bequest to them for anytime (sic), back they see that our greatest celebrity is centered in such beggarly and low objects?" 7. What is David Walker's position on the apprenticeship of blacks? Explain your answer. 8. Discuss the statement: "For while they are alive for our emancipation, we are, by our treachery, wickedness, and deceit, alive adjoin ourselves and our accouchement - allowance our, and the enemies of God, to accumulate us and our baby little accouchement in their accursed chains of slavery." -------------------- Material: https://docsouth.unc.edu/nc/walker/walker.html

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