1-1 Discussion

Use this altercation sample as a adviser back commutual your own analysis. Begin by introducing yourself to the chic and answer your background. Throughout this course, we will use the altercation affair in anniversary bore to appointment on the final activity in a step-by-step manner. This gives you the befalling to get acknowledgment from your adviser and your aeon while you work. Due to the attributes of these altercation assignments, they are abounding added heavily than a archetypal advance altercation and you will absorb a majority of your time agreeable in this topic. Before we begin, you ability appetite to complete the final activity assay for this module. Post any questions you accept in the General Questions topic. In this aboriginal discussion, you will accept a country, alternative than the USA or Turkey, that you would like to focus on for your final project, and appointment on the afterward analytical elements: Rationale, Location, and Country Composition. Share your country best for the final activity and the acumen abaft this decision. Next, appointment the World Atlas and The World Factbook to activate accession important geographic and demographic advice on the region. Share a map of the country in the altercation and analyze the afterward elements: Regional location Water access Bordering countries Natural hazards or climate Identify the afterward elements of the country: Literacy rate Rate of urbanization Heavily busy cities Major religions Educational data Age structure Address the afterward questions based on your findings: What opportunities do you see from this information? What considerations would appulse shipping, labor, or alternative operations? Are there any risks? Respond to two of your classmates by administration your own observations on their called countries and allurement questions to animate alternative considerations. Once you accept accustomed acknowledgment from your aeon and instructor, you will admit your abstracts and abridge your assay allegation in the Final Activity Presentation Template provided. A Final Activity Adviser is provided to action some account on how you ability present your information. This is your aboriginal footfall against the absolute final activity presentation. Your aboriginal final activity checkpoint acquiescence will be in Bore Three. Note: You will not be able to see any of your peers' altercation posts until you accept created and acquaint your own altercation thread. To complete this assignment, assay the Altercation Rubric document

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