Unit 06A Altercation 1 - $15.00 Due (SAT) 8/11/2018.   Unit 06A Altercation 1 Play Analysis Abilities Practice Transcript Note: This will be an continued discussion, 400–500 words, advised to advice you ahead through how to conduct comedy therapy. For this discussion, you will focus on The Case of Luis that was presented in Assemblage 2. First, watch the abbreviate Video Role-Play media depicting bristles key comedy analysis abilities in the Assemblage 6 Studies. Then, analysis The Case of Luis and the altercation instructions that follow: The Case of Luis Luis is in the fourth grade. His mother is anxious that he may charge counseling because he has not developed out of a abhorrence he has had back he was adolescent that is now interfering with developing associate friendships. Luis is abashed of airsickness in a accessible place. As you allege with him, you apprentice that back he was in kindergarten, he already got agitated and cried so abundant that he vomited. His abecedary was not decidedly affectionate and his parents could not be accomplished for a while, so he spent several hours with decrepit clothes, activity actual abashed and embarrassed. Subsequently, he became aflutter that he ability barf again, with no acumen or warning. His behaviors accept become added belted over the years, and now he will not eat if his ancestors goes out to banquet because he fears the aliment ability accomplish him sick. He eats actual little at school—just a few foods that he has absitively are safe—and his aeon accept amorphous to aggravate him. If he eats article and starts annoying about vomiting, he anon begins to feel ailing and generally does vomit. So he has amorphous alienated added and added amusing occasions; he declines invitations to altogether parties and sleepovers because he does not appetite to debris to eat (and accident actuality teased) but he is abashed that he will barf if he does eat. His mother says she has consistently had agitation with a acute abdomen so she is actual affectionate against Luis's fears. However, Luis's pediatrician says he can acquisition no medical botheration with Luis. To complete this discussion: · Assume that you are the advisor for Luis and that you are activity to appoint in alone comedy analysis with him. · Consider the four moments, listed below, in analysis and actualize a academic archetype of your alternation with Luis for anniversary of the four moments in analysis demonstrating the key comedy analysis abilities in the Video Role Plays in this unit. Use the Counseling Archetype Template, affiliated in Resources (which you additionally acclimated in the Assemblage 2 discussion: Practice Adolescent Counseling Skills) to present your transcript. Be abiding to characterization and accommodate a account for the comedy analysis abilities you use. As the counselor, your archetype should authenticate these basal comedy analysis skills: o Structuring the alpha of the session. o Tracking. o Reflecting and accordant listening. o Therapeutic absolute setting. Moment 1: Luis and his mother appearance up for his aboriginal affair and you accept aloof completed the abreast accord process. Moment 2: Luis begins to draw a picture. Moment 3: Luis picks up a blimp beastly and begins to bedrock it in his arms. Moment 4: Luis picks up a adorn or toy, and break it while watching to see what you would do. Follow these instructions to actualize your academic archetype with your responses to these four moments: 1. Counseling Transcripts should accept three columns . 1. The left-most cavalcade designates who was speaking –the applicant or the counselor. 2. The centermost cavalcade depicts what was said. 3. The third cavalcade labels the accomplishment that the advisor acclimated and the counselor's intentions [in brackets]. 4. The accomplishment should appear from the account of Universal Counseling Abilities in Counseling Children, pages 84–85. 5. The ambition should administer one of the Purposes listed in the text's table to the alternation with the client. 2. Anniversary allocution about-face should be on its own row. 3. You may use the template, affiliated in Resources, afterwards deleting the instructions, or actualize your own anatomy that meets Specifications 1 and 2. Add added rows if necessary. 4. Your archetype should be no added than two pages. In accession to the transcript, accommodate an antecedent acknowledgment to briefly abode the following: · Which abilities were easiest for you to use? Which were the hardest? · What challenges would you ahead in application comedy analysis in your approaching assignment as a counselor? · How ability ability and claimed behavior appear into comedy back alive with a adolescent applicant in comedy therapy? In accession to the above, amuse call two comedy analysis techniques that you did NOT use and how you could apparatus them in comedy therapy. Use the aboriginal being articulation back anecdotic your abilities and reactions. Use the third being to abutment your analyses with references from advance readings. Cite at atomic two sources to abutment your thoughts in this post. Resources · Altercation Participation Scoring Guide. · Comedy Analysis Resources Portal. · Counseling Archetype Template. Your archetype should be no added      than 2 pages long.    SPEAKER VERBATIM   RESPONSE UNIVERSAL   SKILL  [purpose   and advisor intentions]                       

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