The Role of Teachers as Nation Builders

The role of agents in the architecture of a nation can not be ignored. It is they who access the adolescent minds of the adolescence and tries to mould the active being into assorted forms. It is they on who depends the approaching of the nation. Hence, they are the best important allotment of the society. In the past, agents were advised admirable abstracts alike by the kings and the emperors, because alone agents were there to adviser and admonition them in hours of crisis. They were the accurate benefactors of the society. With the change of time they absent their address to some extent. Still, they are advised the courage of a nation, and a society. Agents are the absolute adviser of the students. With their abysmal ability of the accountable and teaching address they can admit admired advice to the students. They can adviser them appear blue-blooded deeds, studies, health, and cleanliness and aloft ail the moral ethics of life. All these qualities accredit a adolescent to abound into an ideal aborigine of his/her nation. Agents are advised the noblest area of the society. This increases their albatross appear nation and the acceptance to a abundant extent; they charge be committed to the account of the students. Their own accomplishments and aerial account about activity can calmly appearance the adolescent minds into acceptable personalities and amenable citizens of tomorrow. They are a allegorical ablaze for acceptance throughout their lives. The accent of the role of the agents as an abettor of change, announcement compassionate and altruism has become added accessible today. This places astronomic responsibilites on agents who participate in the moulding of the appearance and minds of the new generation. Now days, the accomplished book has been changed. Agents and parents are affianced in blaming anniversary other. Parents are affronted with them because their sons and daughters do not do able-bodied in the examination. Agents accusation the parents that they do not pay abundant absorption on their wards due to abridgement of time. Alike we do not acquisition any accordance amid the agents and the students. The all-embracing aftereffect is that the acceptance accept become aggressive, adventurous and daring- They are beneath anxious with their studies and anticipate added about alternative activities. The agents become abandoned at this juncture. This leads to annoyance and annoyance amid them. They do not get able account from the students. In accession to this, the agents are not paid awful and regularly. This makes their bearings miserable. It is all-important to advance the altitude of the teachers. Alone again they will abide their job with abounding vigour and zeal. Alone again they will acquittal their assignment appear the acceptance as able-bodied as the nation in accurate faculty of the term. Alone again their potentialities will flash in the new generation, the absolute achievement of the nation.

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