Сharacter Of Gatsby In “The Great Gatsby”

Every man wants to be advised abundant in the eyes of his peers, but it is important to bethink what abundance absolutely means. There are bags of agency to ascertain the chat “great,” but I acquire my own analogue of the word. A abundant man is selfless, honest, and trustworthy. He is sincere, has able values, and he does things for the account of others. Jay Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s capital appearance in the atypical The Abundant Gatsby, is a absorbing man who throws busy parties for the affluent bodies of Continued Island. To those about him, Gatsby appears to be a abundant man, however, the clairvoyant can see through this bluff and understands that he is not as abundant as he appears. Because he is stubbornly narrow-minded, selfishly uses bodies for his benefit, and seeks to abort a family, Jay Gatsby is not a abundant man by any means. Jay Gatsby is stubbornly narrow-minded, and refuses to acquire the absoluteness that he cannot be with Daisy Buchanan. Jay Gatsby is clumsy to let go of the few moments he aggregate with Daisy years ago, afore he was alien off to Europe to action in the Abundant War. While he is away, Daisy marries Tom Buchanan, yet Gatsby still tries to win her hand. Instead of affective abroad from Daisy and starting a new life, Gatsby moves beyond the bay from her and insists he will accommodated her again. At one of Gatsby’s parties, Nick urges Gatsby not to ask too abundant from Daisy. Nick realizes that Daisy has confused on with her activity and reminds Gatsby that he cannot echo the past. Gatsby replies in shock adage “Can’t echo the past? …Why of advance you can” (110)! Gatsby, who has aggregate affluence imaginable, refuses to acquire that he cannot bethink his accomplished with Daisy. A abundant man would get about such an obstacle in life, and would acquisition addition way to accomplish his heart’s desire. Because Gatsby put all of his “eggs in one basket,” he was larboard with annihilation aback his alone adulation banned to be with him. Nick Carraway knew that Gatsby was bigoted and said that he “paid a aerial amount for active too continued with a distinct dream” (161). Unfortunately for Gatsby, that aerial amount was his life. Jay Gatsby cannot be advised a abundant man because he selfishly uses bodies for his own benefit. Gatsby does not acquire any accompany until Nick moves in abutting door; about this accord is not genuine. Gatsby is artlessly application Nick in adjustment to accommodated Daisy. Gatsby additionally uses Jordan to get afterpiece to Daisy. Once he finds out that Jordan knows Daisy, he begins to accomplish his artful arrangements. Acting as Gatsby’s pawn, Jordan relays a bulletin to Nick saying, “He wants to know…if you’ll allure Daisy to your abode some afternoon and again let him arise over” (78). Gatsby is quick to ask for favors from Nick, alike admitting he almost knows him. Gatsby pretends to be Nick’s friend; however, accord works both agency and Gatsby never delivers on his end. Gatsby’s egocentric use of bodies who affliction about him prevents him from actuality great. A abundant man does things for the account of others, assured annihilation in return. If Gatsby were a abundant man, he would not use innocent bodies as allotment of his plan to abort a family. Gatsby actively tries to breach up a alliance and ancestors by aggravating to booty Daisy abroad from her bedmate and daughter. Gatsby is not agreeable with his accepted accord because Daisy is still affiliated to Tom, and he does not acquire her to himself. Gatsby takes desperate measures in an attack to win aback Daisy, which includes against her husband, Tom Buchanan. Gatsby becomes so adventurous as to acquaint Tom that Daisy never admired him. Aback arguing with Tom, Gatsby says, “Daisy, that’s all over now…it doesn’t amount any more. Just acquaint him the truth- that you never admired him- and it’s all wiped out forever” (132). Gatsby is alone anxious with himself and does not accede how he would breach afar a ancestors if Daisy were to run abroad with him. Alliance is a angelic union, in which individuals accomplish themselves to one addition for the butt of their lives. Gatsby gives no application to Daisy’s adolescent babe who would acquire to alive the blow of her activity after her mother. Gatsby’s boorish accomplishments accomplish it bright that he is not great. A abundant man would never do annihilation to abuse a ancestors because a abundant man has values. If Gatsby was a abundant man, he would acquire that Daisy affiliated Tom, and attending for adulation elsewhere. Jay Gatsby is not a abundant man because he uses bodies for his own benefit, actual stubborn, and attempts to breach up a marriage. Abundant men attending to advice bigger the lives of others about them. Aggregate that Gatsby does is egocentric and cipher abroad besides him allowances from his actions. Gatsby uses his abundance to accomplish it arise to others that he is a abundant man, about the clairvoyant knows that alike the parties that Gatsby throws are for his own benefit. Gatsby cannot be advised a abundant man because of his arrogance and alienation to the animosity of others.

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